Buy C-klim Alanin pills 400 mg 40 pcs
  • Buy C-klim Alanin pills 400 mg 40 pcs

Beta Alanine

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Clinical Pharmacology

For many women, the most unpleasant manifestation of menopause is agonizing tides. They catch up suddenly and always so inappropriately. And it is quite unbearable when it happens at that moment when it is very important to be confident. How to survive an attack of sudden heat, when suddenly the face turns red and the whole body is drenched in sweat?

To help women cope with hot flashes, Evalar has released C-klim Alanin, a non-hormonal drug. It contains 100% 1 amino acid beta-alanine.

Beta-alanine is a vitamin-like substance (amino acid) that is formed in the human body. But with the onset of menopause in women, its production is significantly reduced. Therefore, to maintain normal skin temperature, it is important to receive it from the outside. Beta-alanine is able to prevent the development of hot flashes, and with long-term administration reduces the frequency of their occurrence and intensity.

Beta-alanine is well tolerated, does not lead to an increase in body weight.

Take C-klim Alanin as a separate medication to combat the tides, and in combination with pills or drops of Chi-Klim, which contain phytoestrogens of zimicifugu.

Feel that in this difficult period you can live a full life: energetically, rejoicing in every day without tides! Feel confidence again!


1 tablet contains: Beta-alanine 400 mg

Beta Alanine is marketed under different brands and generic names, and comes in different dosage forms:

Brand nameManufacturerCountryDosage form
C-klim Alanin Evalar Russia pills
Climalanine Bouchard Laboratory France pills

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Beta Alanine

Dosage and Administration

The drug is taken orally.
1-2 pills daily. The dose can be increased to 3 pills per day. The duration of treatment from 5-10 days until the disappearance of the "tides".
At renewal of symptoms it is necessary to carry out a repeated course of treatment.
Due to the fact that addiction to the drug does not occur, treatment can be extended for the entire period of vasomotor clinical disorders without limiting its duration.

  • Brand name: C-klim Alanin
  • Active ingredient: Beta Alanin
  • Dosage form: Pills
  • Manufacturer: Evalar
  • Country of Origin: Russia

Studies and clinical trials of Beta Alanine (Click to expand)

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