Buy Broncho-Vaxom Children's capsules 3.5 mg, 10 pcs
  • Buy Broncho-Vaxom Children's capsules 3.5 mg, 10 pcs


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Clinical Pharmacology

Immunostimulating drug of bacterial origin. Children's broncho-Vaxom stimulates the body's immune defense and increases resistance to infections of the respiratory system. Immunopharmacological studies have shown that children's broncho-Vaxom has the following effects: increases the formation of immunoglobulins A (IgA) secreted by the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and saliva; increases the number of circulating T-lymphocytes.

Clinically, a child's Broncho-Vaxom reduces the incidence of acute respiratory tract infections, reduces the duration of their course, and also reduces the likelihood of exacerbation of chronic bronchitis. This reduces the need for the use of other drugs, especially antibiotics.


Children aged 6 months to 12 years:

  • prevention of recurrent respiratory tract infections and exacerbations of chronic bronchitis;
  • treatment of acute respiratory tract infections (as part of combination therapy).


Excipients: anhydrous propyl gallate (E310) - 0.042 mg, monosodium glutamate (corresponds to anhydrous sodium glutamate (sodium glutamate)) - 1.515 mg, mannitol - necessary amount up to 20 mg, starch pregelatinized - 110 mg, magnesium stearate - 3 mg, mannitol - The required amount of up to 200 mg.

The composition of the capsule shell: indigo carmine (indigotin) (dye E132) - 0.01 mg, titanium dioxide (dye E171) - 1 mg, gelatin - the required amount up to 50 mg.

Broncho-Vaxom® is marketed under different brands and generic names, and comes in different dosage forms:

Brand nameManufacturerCountryDosage form
Broncho-Vaxom Children's OM Pharma Switzerland capsules
Broncho-Vaxom Adult OM Pharma Switzerland capsules

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Dosage and Administration

Broncho-Vaxom® Children are prescribed to children aged 6 months to 12 years.

In order to treat: 1 capsule of the drug Broncho-Vaxom® children's daily morning on an empty stomach until the symptoms disappear, but not less than 10 days. If necessary, antibiotic therapy Broncho-Vaxom® Children should be taken in combination with an antibiotic from the start of treatment.

The duration of treatment or the appointment of a repeated course of therapy should be determined by the doctor, based on the patient's health condition.

In order to prevent exacerbations and maintenance therapy: 1 capsule of the drug Broncho-Vaxom® Children's daily morning on an empty stomach. The course includes 3 cycles, each of which consists of taking 1 capsule daily for 10 days, the interval between cycles is 20 days.

If it is difficult to swallow the capsule, it should be opened and the contents mixed with the drink (including fruit juice, milk).

Adverse reactions

Broncho-Vaxom® children are usually well tolerated. The results of clinical studies suggest that the frequency of mild adverse reactions is 3-4%.

On the part of the digestive system: nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting.

Dermatological reactions: itching, erythema.

On the part of the respiratory system: cough, shortness of breath.

From the nervous system: headache, feeling of fatigue.

In case of continuing gastrointestinal disorders, skin reactions and respiratory manifestations, the drug should be discontinued, since they may be allergic reactions. In such a situation, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.


Hypersensitivity to the drug.

Drug interactions

Broncho-Vaxom® children can be used simultaneously with other drugs for the treatment of acute and chronic respiratory diseases.

The interaction of the drug Broncho-Vaxom® children with other drugs to date has not been established.

Special instructions

Based on the available data it is not recommended to prescribe Broncho-Vaxom.®Pediatric children under the age of 6 months due to the immaturity of their immune system.

In order to avoid overdose, do not use the drug from capsules intended for adults (Broncho-Vaxom® adult capsules 7 mg).

Influence on ability to drive motor transport and control mechanisms

Broncho-Vaxom® children does not affect the ability to drive vehicles and work with mechanisms.


Information about cases of overdose are absent. The nature of the drug Broncho-Vaxom® children and the results of the study of its toxicity indicate that overdose is unlikely.

  • Brand name: Broncho-Vaxom Children's
  • Active ingredient: Bacteria lysate
  • Dosage form: Capsules solid gelatin, size 3, lid blue opaque, body white opaque; the contents of the capsules are light beige powder.
  • Manufacturer: OM Pharma
  • Country of Origin: Switzerland

Studies and clinical trials of Broncho-Vaxom (Click to expand)

  1. Study of the effect of Bronchipret on the lung function of five Austrian saddle horses suffering recurrent airway obstruction (heaves)
  2. Administration of the bacterial extract Broncho-Vaxom® enhances radiation recovery and myelopoietic regeneration
  3. Stimulation by a bacterial extract (broncho-vaxom) of the metabolic and functional activities of murine macrophages
  4. Upregulation of adhesion molecules induced by Broncho-Vaxom on phagocytic cells
  5. Radioprotective effects of WR-2721, Broncho-Vaxom® and their combinations: Survival, myelopoietic restoration and induction of colony-stimulating activity in mice
  6. Inhibition of spontaneous pulmonary metastases of Lewis lung carcinoma by oral treatment with Respivax and Broncho-Vaxom
  7. Broncho-Vaxom®inhibits histamine release from rat mast cells induced by compound 48/80 and ionophore A23187
  8. Adherence of Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae from healthy persons and HIV carriers, under the influence of Broncho Vaxom in vitro and ascorbic acid in vivo
  9. Broncho-vaxom® and spontaneous allergic autocytotoxicity (spACT) in bronchial asthma associated with food hypersensitivity
  10. Mens Health: the bacterial extract Broncho-Vaxom® protects against influenza and Salmonella infections
  11. Oral Bacterial Vaccine Broncho-Vaxom Interferes Zinc Metabolism in Mononuclear Cells of Peripheral Blood of Patients With Chronic Non-Obstructive Bronchitis
  12. Radioprotective effects of combination broncho-vaxom, a macrophage activator, and indomethacin, an inhibitor of prostaglandin production: relationship to myelopoiesis
  13. Use of Broncho-Vaxom® in private practice: Phase IV trial in 587 children
  14. The role of OM-85 BV (Broncho-Vaxom) in preventing recurrent acute tonsillitis in children
  15. Induction of interleukin 6 and interleukin 8 expression by Broncho-Vaxom (OM-85 BV) via C-Fos/serum responsive element.
  16. Broncho-Vaxom improves recurrent bronchitis and bronchial asthma
  17. Compensation of Cyclophosphamide Immunosuppression by a Bacterial Immunostimulant (Broncho-Vaxom) in Mice
  18. Bacterial Immunostimulant (Broncho-Vaxom) Versus Levamisole on the Humoral Immune Response in Mice
  19. Distinct effects of Broncho-Vaxom (OM-85 BV) on gp130 binding cytokines
  20. Broncho-Vaxom® in Children with Rhinosinusitis: A Double-Blind Clinical Trial
  21. Local Immunity in Patients with Chronic Bronchitis and the Effects of a Bacterial Extract, Broncho-Vaxom®, on T Lymphocytes, Macrophages, Gamma-Interferon and Secretory Immunoglobulin A in Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid and Other Variables
  22. Prevention of infection in immunosuppressive patients with autoimmune nephrosis by using an immunostimulating bacterial lysate Broncho-vaxom
  23. A bacterial extract of OM-85 Broncho-Vaxom prevents allergic rhinitis in mice
  24. Broncho-Vaxom in pediatric recurrent respiratory tract infections: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  25. Broncho-Vaxom Attenuates Allergic Airway Inflammation by Restoring GSK3β-Related T Regulatory Cell Insufficiency

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