Buy Neoton vials 1 g, 4 pcs
  • Buy Neoton vials 1 g, 4 pcs

Creatine Phosphate

Alpha wasserman
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Clinical Pharmacology

Neotone - a drug that improves the metabolism of the myocardium and muscle tissue. The chemical structure is similar to macroergic endogenous phosphocreatine. Slows down the process of destruction of the sarcolemma of ischemic cardiomyocytes and myocytes, provides intracellular transport of energy. By improving microcirculation, the drug reduces the size of the area of ​​necrosis and ischemia. With ischemia and post-ischemic reperfusion, it causes an antiarrhythmic effect, which is associated with a decrease in the ectopic activity of the ventricles and preservation of the physiological function of cells of Purkinje fibers.


- acute myocardial infarction;
- chronic heart failure;
- intraoperative myocardial ischemia;
- intraoperative limb ischemia;
- acute violation of cerebral circulation;
- in sports medicine: to prevent the development of the syndrome of physical overvoltage and improve adaptation to extreme physical exertion.


1 bottle contains phosphocreatine 1 g.

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Creatine Phosphate

Dosage and Administration

Withacute myocardial infarction On the 1st day, 2-4 g intravenously are administered, followed by drip infusion of 8-16 g in 200 ml of 5% glucose solution for 2 hours. times / day On the 3rd day, 2 g / d drip is prescribed 2 times / day.
If necessary, a course of drug infusion of 2 g 2 times / day can be performed for 6 days.
Withchronic heart failure administered in / in the drip 1-2 g 2 times / day for 10-14 days.
Withintraoperative myocardial ischemia the drug is administered as part of a conventional cardioplegic solution in the amount of 3 g per 1 liter. Neotone is added to the solution immediately prior to administration. It is recommended to conduct a course of infusion of the drug 2 g 2 times / day for 3-5 days prior to surgery, and within 1-2 days after surgery.
With the possibility of developmentintraoperative limb ischemia It is recommended to introduce 2-4 g of the drug intravenously before the operation with subsequent infusion of 8-10 g in a 5% glucose solution during the operation and the reperfusion period.

Adverse reactions

Decrease in blood pressure (with a rapid on / in the introduction).


Hypersensitivity to the drug.

Drug interactions

When used as part of a combination therapy, Neoton contributes to the effectiveness of antiarrhythmic, antianginal drugs, as well as drugs that have a positive effect on the myocardial inotropic function.

Pregnancy and Lactation

Data on the safety and efficacy of the drug Neoton during periods of pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding) are not provided.

Special instructions

The drug should be administered as soon as possible after the onset of signs of ischemia, which provides a more favorable prognosis of the disease.
Neotone is not used for emergency correction of disorders of the heart.

  • Brand name: Neoton
  • Active ingredient: Phosphocreatine
  • Dosage form: Lyophilized powder for preparing a solution for infusion.
  • Manufacturer: Alpha wasserman
  • Country of Origin: Italy

Studies and clinical trials of Creatine Phosphate (Click to expand)

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