Buy Enzaprost-F ampoules 5 mg/ml, 1 ml, 5 pcs
  • Buy Enzaprost-F ampoules 5 mg/ml, 1 ml, 5 pcs


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Clinical Pharmacology

Enzaprost-F - a drug that increases the tone and contractile activity of the myometrium - stimulates labor activity, expands the cervix.


  • Termination of pregnancy with intrauterine fetal death in the I-II trimester, in the case of severe pathology of the fetus (anencephaly, hydrocephalus, amelia);
  • initiation of labor in connection with fetal fetal death (late pregnancy), premature discharge of water, primary birth weakness, placental phase of labor;
  • stimulation and stimulation of labor in artificially induced labor.


1 ampoule contains:

Active substance: dinoprost 5 mg;

Excipients:sodium acetate trihydrate, water d / and.

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Dosage and Administration

IV, extra- or intra-amnally. To terminate pregnancy, extraamnially injected into the uterine cavity (through a catheter): during pregnancy from 0 to 6 weeks - 3-5 mg, with terms from 7 to 14 weeks - 5 mg, and in 5-6 hours another 5-10 mg. In pregnancy from 15 to 28 weeks, 25 mg is administered predominantly intraamnially (after sucking off several milliliters of amniotic fluid and the absence of blood in it), in the absence of effect, again after 8-12 hours. For induction of labor, intravenously in a dose and with speed, depending on the specific clinical situation and the response to the therapy; As a rule, the total dose is 1–5 mg and the speed of administration is 9–15 mcg / min.

Adverse reactions

Since the cardiovascular system:peripheral vascular spasms; bradycardia; temporary increase or decrease in blood pressure; tachycardia; second-degree atrioventricular block; ventricular arrhythmia; feeling of pressure or pain in the sternum; development and aggravation of heart failure.

On the part of the respiratory system:bronchospasm; lung hyperventilation.

From the side of the central nervous system:diplopia; miosis; paresthesias; dizziness; general weakness; euphoria.

From the digestive tract:hiccups, intestinal paralysis.

From the genitourinary system:urination disorders (urinary incontinence, dysuria, urinary retention, atony or hypertonicity of the bladder); hematuria; painful contractions associated with increased uterine contractility.

Other:burning eyes; pain in the legs, back and shoulders; increase in the number of leukocytes.


Broncho-obstructive syndrome, ulcerative colitis (exacerbation and remission), sickle cell anemia, glaucoma, arterial hypertension (160/100 mm Hg and above), epilepsy, scarring in the uterus (cesarean section, removal of myomas in history, etc. .), congenital malformations of the uterus, uterine fibroids, heart failure, active pulmonary tuberculosis, severe impaired liver function.

Drug interactions

The effect is enhanced by oxytocin and ergometrine.

  • Brand name: Dimexide
  • Active ingredient: Dimethyl sulfoxide
  • Dosage form: Concentrate for preparation of solution for external use
  • Manufacturer: Tatkhimpharmpreparaty
  • Country of Origin: Russia

Studies and clinical trials of Dinoprost (Click to expand)

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  2. Prostaglandin prodrugs III: Synthesis and biological properties of C9- and C15-monoesters of dinoprost (prostaglandin F2α)
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  4. Binding of prostaglandins E1 (alprostadil), E2 (dinoprostone), F1a, and F2a (dinoprost) to human serum proteins
  5. Physical model approach to gastrointestinal absorption of prostaglandins II: In situ rat intestinal absorption of dinoprost
  6. Experimental use of prostaglandin E2 (dinoprost) in the treatment of duodenal ulcer in humans
  7. Peripheral plasma levels of progesterone in Nigerian Zebu cows following synchronization of oestrus with Prostaglandin F2 alpha analogue (dinoprost tromethamine)
  8. Efficacy of an injection of dinoprost tromethamine when given subcutaneously on luteal regression in lactating Holstein cows
  9. Rates of luteolysis and pregnancy in dairy cows after treatment with cloprostenol or dinoprost
  10. Compared to dinoprost tromethamine, cloprostenol sodium increased rates of estrus detection, conception and pregnancy in lactating dairy cows on a large commercial dairy
  11. Comparsion of effectiveness between non-invasive misoprostol and invasive dinoprost for second-trimester pregnancy termination
  12. Synchronization of estrus in virgin beef heifers using melengestrol acetate and PGF2α: an efficacy comparison of cloprostenol and dinoprost tromethamine
  13. A comparison of cloprostenol and dinoprost tromethamine for the control of estrus in bovine embryo transfer
  14. Improved reproductive performance from dairy cows treated with dinoprost tromethamine soon after calving
  15. Reproductive performance of dairy cows following treatment with fenprostalene, dinoprost, or cloprostenol between 24 and 31 Days post partum: A field trial
  16. Influence of repeated dinoprost treatment on ovarian activity in cycling dairy cows
  17. Effect of dinoprost and cloprostenol on serum nitric oxide and corpus luteum blood flow during luteolysis in ewes
  18. Dinoprost/sulprostone
  19. Dinoprost
  20. Adverse reactions to dinoprost
  21. Dinoprost
  22. Dinoprost overdose
  23. Dinoprost
  24. Influence of Carvedilol on the Responsiveness of Human Hand Veins to Noradrenaline and Dinoprost

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