Buy Dobrocam pills 250 mg 30 pcs
  • Buy Dobrocam pills 250 mg 30 pcs

Dobrocam [Bromocamphor]

Irbit HFZ
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Clinical Pharmacology

Sedative agent is a bromine drug. Like other bromides, it has the ability to enhance the processes of inhibition in the cerebral cortex, especially with increased excitability of the central nervous system. Facilitates the onset of natural sleep.


Increased excitability, asthenia, cardialgia, tachycardia, blood pressure lability.


Ingredients: 1 tablet contains:

active ingredient: bromocamphor - 250 mg;

excipients: potato starch - 41 mg, talc - 9 mg.

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Dobrocam [Bromocamphor]

Dosage and Administration

Orally, after eating. Adults and children over 14 years old - 1-2 pills 2-3 times a day; children aged 7-10 years - 1 tablet 2 times a day; children aged 10-14 years - 1 tablet 2-3 times a day. The maximum daily dose: for adults and children over 14 years old - 1.5 g; for children aged 7-10 years - 0.5 g; for children aged 10-14 years - 0.75 g. The course of treatment is 10-15 days.

Adverse reactions

Allergic reactions, lethargy, drowsiness, dyspeptic symptoms.


Hypersensitivity to camphor, bromide or other components of the drug, hepatic and / or renal failure. Children's age up to 7 years.

Pregnancy and Lactation

During pregnancy and during breastfeeding is applied in consultation with the doctor. It is necessary to correlate the benefits of the use of the mother and the risk to the fetus or child.


Symptoms: nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, anuria, delirium, muscle twitching, epileptiform convulsions, central nervous system depression, difficulty breathing, characteristic camphor smell in exhaled air, respiratory failure, coma. Treatment: gastric lavage, oral administration of saline laxatives and Activated charcoal orally. For convulsions, intravenous diazepam or fast-acting barbiturates (sodium thiopental) are used. Hemodialysis with lipid dialysate.

  • Brand name: Dobrocam
  • Active ingredient: Bromocamphor
  • Dosage form: 250 mg pills.
  • Manufacturer: Irbit HFZ
  • Country of Origin: Russia

Studies and clinical trials of Bromocamphor (Click to expand)

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  23. The stereochemical requirement in the fragmentation of 9-bromocamphor derivatives. A new class of chiral pool elements containing asymmetric quaternary carbon centers

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