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  • Buy Ferlatum vials 15 ml, 20 pcs

Ferlatum® [Iron Protein Succinylate]

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Clinical Pharmacology

Ferlatum has a hematopoietic, antianemic effect. Fills the deficiency of iron and substrate stimulates the synthesis of heme.


Iron deficiency states: latent and manifested forms of iron deficiency anemia (in acute or chronic blood loss, poor nutrition, insufficient absorption of iron in the gastrointestinal tract, infectious diseases) at any age, during pregnancy and lactation.


1 bottle with 15 ml of solution contains 800 mg of iron proteinsuccinate, which corresponds to 40 mg of ferric iron

Iron Protein Succinylate is marketed under different brands and generic names, and comes in different dosage forms:

Brand nameManufacturerCountryDosage form
Ferlatum Italfarmaco Italy vials
Ferlatum Fall Italfarmaco Italy vials

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Ferlatum® [Iron Protein Succinylate]

Dosage and Administration

Ferlatum Fol should be taken orally before or after meals.
Adults: 1-2 vials / day in 2 doses (in an amount equivalent to 40-80 mg of ferric iron and 0.235-0.470 mg of calcium folinate pentahydrate) or in accordance with the recommendations of a physician.
Children (from the neonatal period): at 1.5 ml / kg / day (in an amount equivalent to 4 mg / kg / day of ferric iron and 0.0235 mg / kg / day of calcium folinate) in 2 divided doses or in accordance with the recommendations of a physician.
1 bottle (15 ml) contains: iron protein succinylate - 800 mg (equivalent to 40 mg of ferric iron) and 0.235 mg of calcium folinate pentahydrate (equivalent to 0.185 mg of folinic acid).
Pregnant women for the prevention of iron deficiency anemia: on 1 bottle / days. For the treatment of latent or clinically pronounced iron deficiency - 1-2 bottles / day in 2 divided doses. After reaching normal levels of serum iron and hemoglobin, treatment is continued in a maintenance dose for at least 8-12 weeks.
Terms of preparation of the solution: to prepare the solution for ingestion, you should press with force on the perforator of the lid dispenser so that the powder is poured into the solution in the bottle. Then you should vigorously shake up the contents of the bottle, remove the dosing cap and drink the solution from the bottle.


- Hemochromatosis.
- Violation of the utilization of iron (including lead anemia, sideroachresticheskoy anemia).
- Non-iron deficiency anemia (including hemolytic anemia, megaloblastic anemia caused by a lack of vitamin B12).
- Chronic pancreatitis.
- Cirrhosis of the liver.
- Hypersensitivity to the drug.
With caution should use the drug for:
- Peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum.
- Violation of absorption in pathology of the small intestine (including enteritis, syndrome of insufficiency of absorption, resection of the small intestine, stomach resection according to Billroth II with the inclusion of the duodenum).

Drug interactions

With simultaneous use was not observed interaction of the drug Ferlatum Fol with other drugs. Iron absorption can be increased with simultaneous use of the drug Ferlatum Fall with ascorbic acid in a dose of> 200 mg. Iron absorption can be reduced with simultaneous use of the drug Ferlatum Fol with antacids. Chloramphenicol causes a delayed response to iron therapy. Pharmacological interaction with the simultaneous use of the drug Forlatum Foul with histamine H2 receptor antagonists is absent. Some anticancer and anti-leukemic drugs (including aminopterin, methotrexate, and other pteric derivatives) exhibit folate antagonist properties.

Pregnancy and Lactation

The use of the drug Ferlatum Fol is especially recommended for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency and folate, which develops during pregnancy and during breastfeeding

Special instructions

The continuous period of use of the drug Ferlatum Fol should not exceed 6 months, except in cases of chronic blood loss (including menorrhagia, hemorrhoids) and pregnancy. Due to the possible development of allergic reactions, the drug should be carefully prescribed to patients with milk protein intolerance. Ferlatum Fall contains sorbitol, therefore, it should not be used in patients with hereditary fructose intolerance.
Influence on ability to drive motor transport and control mechanisms: the drug does not affect the occupation of potentially hazardous activities that require increased concentration of attention and quickness of psychomotor reactions (including driving vehicles).

  • Brand name: ELADON
  • Active ingredient: Fenspirid
  • Dosage form: Pills: round, biconvex, film-coated white or almost white. In cross section, the core is white or almost white.
  • Manufacturer: Vertex
  • Country of Origin: Russia

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