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  • Buy Glycine pills 100 mg, 50 pcs


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Clinical Pharmacology

Glycine is a metabolic drug.

Glycine is a regulator of metabolism, normalizes and activates the processes of protective inhibition in the central nervous system, reduces psycho-emotional stress, increases mental performance. Glycine has glycine- and GABA-ergic, alpha1-adreno-blocking, antioxidant, antitoxic action; regulates the activity of glutamate (NMDA) receptors, due to which the drug is capable of:

  • reduce psychoemotional tension, aggressiveness, conflict, increase social adaptation;
  • improve mood;
  • facilitate sleep and normalize sleep;
  • improve mental performance;
  • reduce vegetative-vascular disorders (including during menopause);
  • reduce the severity of cerebral disorders in ischemic stroke and traumatic brain injury;
  • reduce the toxic effects of alcohol and other drugs that depress the function of the central nervous system.


  • reduced mental performance.
  • stressful situations - psycho-emotional stress (during examinations, conflict, etc. situations).
  • deviant behaviors of children and adolescents.
  • various functional and organic diseases of the nervous system accompanied by increased excitability, emotional instability, decreased mental performance and sleep disorders: neurosis, neurosis-like states and vegetative-vascular dystonia, the effects of neuroinfections and brain injury, perinatal and other forms of encephalopathy alcoholic genesis).
  • ischemic stroke.


active substance: glycine 100 mg

Glycine is marketed under different brands and generic names, and comes in different dosage forms:

Brand nameManufacturerCountryDosage form
Glycine Moskhimpharmpreparaty Russia pills
Glycine Evalar Russia pills
ZdravCity Magnesium + B6 Vitamins pills
Glycine (Evalar Evalar Russia chewing gum
Glycine Plus Evalar Russia pills
Glycine Pharmstandard Russia pills
Glycine-Active Pharma Group Russia pills
Glycine Forte Evalar Russia pills
Glycine-Bio Ozon Russia pills
Glycine-VIS VIS Ltd Russia capsules

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Dosage and Administration

It is applied sublingually (under the tongue).
In adults with ischemic stroke: during the first 3-6 hours from stroke development, 1 g (4 pills) is prescribed transbukkalno or sublingually with 1 teaspoon of water, then for 1-5 days at 1 g / day (4 pills), then for the next 30 days on 1/2 - 1 tablet 3 times a day.

Adverse reactions

Allergic reactions are possible.


Individual hypersensitivity to the drug.

Drug interactions

Reduces the severity of toxic effects of anticonvulsants, neuroleptics, antidepressants.

Special instructions

It should be borne in mind that during transurethral resection of the prostate gland, usually accompanied by local application of glycine, it can enter the systemic circulation and affect the state of the cardiopulmonary system and kidneys, especially in patients with cardiovascular diseases.

  • Brand name: Glycine
  • Active ingredient: Glycine
  • Dosage form: Sublingual pills
  • Manufacturer: Moskhimpharmpreparaty
  • Country of Origin: Russia

Studies and clinical trials of Glycine (Click to expand)

  1. Substitution of arginine for glycine at position 154 of the α1 chain of type I collagen in a variant of osteogenesis imperfecta: Comparison to previous cases with the same mutation
  2. Heterozygous glycine substitution in the COL11A2 gene in the original patient with the Weissenbacher-Zweym�ller syndrome demonstrates its identity with heterozygous OSMED (nonocular Stickler syndrome)
  3. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of glycine- and GABA-immunoreactive nerve terminals on motoneuron cell bodies in the cat spinal cord: A postembedding electron microscopic study
  4. Distribution of GABAA, GABAB, and glycine receptors in the central auditory system of the big brown bat,Eptesicus fuscus
  5. Distribution of glycine-immunoreactive profiles in the monkey spinal cord: A light microscopic and ultrastructural study
  6. Distribution of GABA, glycine, and glutamate immunoreactivities in the vestibular nuclear complex of the frog
  7. Cell-type specific organization of glycine receptor clusters in the mammalian spinal cord
  8. Synaptogenesis in the rat retina: subcellular localization of glycine receptors, GABAA receptors, and the anchoring protein gephyrin
  9. GABA- and glycine-immunoreactive projections from the superior olivary complex to the cochlear nucleus in guinea pig
  10. Differential number of glycine- and GABA-immunopositive neurons and terminals in the deep cerebellar nuclei of normal and Purkinje cell degeneration mutant mice
  11. Glycine immunoreactivity in the lateral nucleus of the trapezoid body of the cat
  12. Development of adult-type inhibitory glycine receptors in the central auditory system of rats
  13. Glycine immunoreactivity and receptor binding in the cochlear nucleus of C57BL/6J and CBA/CaJ mice: Effects of cochlear impairment and aging
  14. Patterns of ?-aminobutyric acid and glycine immunoreactivities reflect structural and functional differences of the cat lateral lemniscal nuclei
  15. Glycine immunoreactivity of multipolar neurons in the ventral cochlear nucleus which project to the dorsal cochlear nucleus
  16. Development of GABA, glycine, and their receptors in the auditory brainstem of gerbil: A light and electron microscopic study
  17. Developmental expression of the glycine transporter GLYT2 in the auditory system of rats suggests involvement in synapse maturation
  18. Neuronally modulated transcription of a glycine transporter in rat dorsal cochlear nucleus and nucleus of the medial trapezoid body
  19. The dendritic architecture of the cholinergic plexus in the rabbit retina: Selective labeling by glycine accumulation in the presence of sarcosine
  20. The 1:1 glycine zwitterion-water complex: Anab initio electronic structure study
  21. A density functional study of the glycine molecule: Comparison with post-Hartree-Fock calculations and experiment
  22. Sampling potential energy surface of glycyl glycine peptide: Comparison of Metropolis Monte Carlo and stochastic dynamics

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