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Clinical Pharmacology

Hebermin® has a complex wound-healing and bactericidal action.
EFRrch is a peptide that stimulates the migration and proliferation of fibroblasts, keratinocytes, endothelial and other cells that are actively involved in wound healing, promoting epithelialization, scarring and restoration of tissue elasticity. EGFR is obtained on the basis of recombinant DNA technology. According to the mechanism of action, it is identical to the endogenous epidermal growth factor produced in the body.
Silver sulfadiazine has a broad spectrum of antimicrobial action: active against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi of the genus Candida and dermatophytes. Hydrophilic ointment base provides a moderate dehydrating effect, reduces pain, creates and maintains the necessary therapeutic concentrations of active ingredients in the lesion.
Hebermin® has a cosmetic effect, provides aesthetics of the scar by normalizing the orientation and aging of collagen fibers, preventing pathological scarring, the formation of keloids and contractures.


Treatment of superficial and deep skin burns of varying severity; trophic ulcers (including chronic venous insufficiency, obliterating endarteritis, diabetes mellitus, erysipelas); bedsores; long-term non-healing wounds (including stump wounds, wounds during autodermoplasty at the sites of lysis and between adherent skin autolocates, and residual wounds at donor sites); violations of the integrity of the skin with injuries, surgical and cosmetic procedures; frostbite; ulcers, developing with the introduction of cytostatics. Treatment and prevention of radiation (radiation) dermatitis (including when conducting surface radiotherapy).


100 g of the ointment contains 1 mg of human recombinant epidermal growth factor (EFTR) and 1 g of silver sulfadiazine.

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Dosage and Administration

Hebermin® can be used at all stages of the wound process. Appointed by both adults and children over 1 year.

A standard wound debridement is first performed using antiseptic solutions in case of infection. After drying, a thin layer of Hebermin®okolo 1-2 mm ointment was applied to the wound surface with a spatula or sterile glove. With the closed method of treatment, gauze napkins or occlusive film coatings (healing in a moist environment) are placed on top. In some cases, for example, with superficial shallow (I-II degree) and partially deep (III degree) burns, it is possible to use an ointment with atraumatic reticular wound coverings.

With a wet method of healing, as well as severe exudation dressing recommended 1 time per day. With moderate or scanty exudation, ligation can be performed 1 time in 2 days. If the dressing sticks to the wound and to prevent unwanted drying of the wound surface, it is recommended to moisten the wipe applied over the ointment with saline or antiseptic solutions. With the open (uncoupled) method of treatment, the ointment is applied 1-3 times per day.

Toilet wounds before repeated applications of ointment is carried out using saline or antiseptic solutions. The procedure is performed carefully, avoiding injury to the resulting granulation tissue and young epithelium while removing residual ointment.

Treatment with Hebermin® ointment is continued until epithelialization or readiness of the wound for plastic closure with a skin graft.

For the prevention of radiation dermatitis An ointment with a layer of 1 mm is applied to the irradiated area of ​​the skin 1-2 times a day, without removing it from the application site for 6-8 hours after irradiation. The use of the ointment is continued throughout the entire course of radiotherapy and is not interrupted in case of a forced omission of any of the irradiation procedures.

Adverse reactions

Hebermin® well tolerated. In rare cases, possible:

  • allergic reactions characteristic of sulfa drugs;
  • burning sensation, pain, stinging and discomfort in the area of ​​applying the ointment (they usually disappear on their own within 5-10 minutes after applying the dressing).


  • Hypersensitivity to sulfonamides and components of the drug.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Children's age up to 1 year.
  • It should not be used on anatomical areas with active tumor lesions or to stimulate scarring in areas of surgical excision of tumors.

Special instructions

Due to the presence of silver sulfadiazine in the formulation:

  • use with caution in case of congenital deficiency in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, liver and kidney failure;
  • with an open (uncoupled) treatment method, direct exposure to the sun’s rays on the area of ​​application of the ointment should be avoided.
  • Brand name: Hebermin®
  • Active ingredient: Epidermal growth factor human recombinant and silver sulfadiazine
  • Dosage form: Ointment
  • Manufacturer: Eber Biotech
  • Country of Origin: Cuba

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