Buy Hepatosan® capsules 0.2 g, 10 pcs
  • Buy Hepatosan® capsules 0.2 g, 10 pcs


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Clinical Pharmacology

Hepatosan - detoxifying, hepatoprotective.


The action is due to xenogenic hepatocytes and their biological components, which are biocompatible with macromolecules of the human body.

The mechanism of action includes two phases: the intestinal, in which the drug has a detoxification effect due to sorption of toxic products in the intestine and metabolic (hepatoprotective), in which biological components help restore the functional activity of the liver. The drug contains amino acids, microelements, vitamins, essential phospholipids, mesenchymal enzymes, cytochromes.

Detoxification properties: they appear due to sorption and elimination of toxins and toxic products from the intestines, as well as sorption of high-molecular volatile fatty acids and their isomers (valeric, isovaleric, caproic, isocaproic).

Adsorption properties: based (in the study of low-molecular metabolites of obligate microflora) to delay the absorption of metabolites of the microflora of the large intestine.

Beloksynthetic properties: the presence in the preparation of 18 amino acids, contributes to the replenishment of their deficiency and the synthesis of essential proteins, improves the metabolic ability of liver cells, promotes sorption and elimination of toxins.

Membrane stabilizing properties: they manifest themselves in the protection of biological membranes from toxins as a result of inhibition of the capture of toxins by hepatocytes, on the one hand, and stabilization of cell membranes (including phospholipids in them), on the other. The increase in the neutralizing function of hepatocytes is associated with an increase in the concentration of glutathione, as well as with an increase in the activity of redox enzymes.


Liver cirrhosis of various etiologies, hepatitis, hepatosis, acute and chronic liver failure, medicinal and alcoholic liver damage, poisoning, digestive disorders (as part of complex therapy).


Active substance: freeze-dried cells of the liver of a donor pig (Hepar suis) 0.2 g;

Capsule shell: gelatin; E171 titanium dioxide pigment; tropeolin O; nipagin; nipazol

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  • Brand name: Hepar compositum®
  • Active ingredient: Homeopathic composition
  • Manufacturer: Heel
  • Country of Origin: Germany

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