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  • Buy Intrix capsules 20 pcs


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Clinical Pharmacology

Intetrix - the pharmacological effect in chronic amoebiasis is achieved due to the synergism of the amebicidal action of 3 antiseptic substances that make up Intetrix. The drug acts in the intestinal lumen and is used to treat intestinal amebiasis. Intrix is ​​effective against vegetative forms of amebiasis, has a broad antimicrobial (bactericidal and bacteriostatic) spectrum of action against: S.Faecalis, E.coli 111.B4, S.enteritidis Danysz. S. Paratyphy B, Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Proteus vulgaris, Vibrio cholerae Ogava, Vibrio cholerae Inaba, Serratia marcescens, etc., as well as anti-bending action against C.albicans. The intrix does not cause plasmid resistance and does not disturb the balance of the normal intestinal microflora.


- Intestinal amebiasis in adults.
- As part of complex therapy with tissue amebicides.
- Monotherapy of asymptomatic cases of diagnosed amebiasis.


Tilikhinol - 50 mg, Tilikhinol N - dodecylsulfate - 50 mg, Tilbrohinol - 200 mg.

Auxiliary components: Lactose monohydrate - 90 mg, Corn starch - 30 mg, The mass of the contents of the capsule - 420 mg.

The constituent components of the capsule (body and cap) are: Titanium dioxide (E171), Gelatin, Azorubine (E122), Indigotin (E132).

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Dosage and Administration

Assign 2 caps. in the morning and 2 caps. in the evening for 10 days. Capsules are taken orally, whole, preferably at the beginning of a meal, with plenty of water.
  • Brand name: Interix
  • Active ingredient: Tilbrohinol, Tilikhinol, Tilikhinol N-dodecylsulfate
  • Dosage form: Capsules
  • Manufacturer: Ipsen pharma
  • Country of Origin: France

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