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Clinical Pharmacology

Kelo-Cote is a silicone-based gel to prevent the formation, reduce the severity of keloid and hypertrophic scars resulting from surgical interventions, injuries, wounds and burns, as well as to improve the aesthetic appearance of scars.

The formula of Kelo-Cote gel is patented.

Mechanism of action

Kelo-Cote dries quickly, forming an elastic, waterproof and breathable film on the skin. When applying Kelo-Cote gel to the scar, the gel at the site of application forms a protective barrier, which helps to reduce chemical, physical and bacterial effects, while maintaining the water balance of the skin. This creates conditions for the normalization of collagen synthesis processes and does not allow the scar to grow, and also improves the appearance of the scar itself.

After using Kelo-Cote, keloid and hypertrophic scars, itching and discomfort are reduced, color is restored; scars are smoothed and softened, improving their aesthetic appearance.

In accordance with the International Clinical Recommendations for Scar Therapy, silicone was recommended as the first line of therapy for all types of scars and an essential element to prevent the formation and reduction of the severity of keloid and hypertrophic scars.

Kelo-Cote can be applied to the skin in the joints, at the folds, at the hair growth area, at large cicatricial surfaces resulting from burns and extensive injuries.

Kelo-Cote can be used with pressure bandages or other aids.


Kelo-Cote gel is designed to prevent the formation, reduce the severity and improve the aesthetic appearance of both old and fresh scars (including hypertrophic and keloid), resulting from surgical interventions, injuries, wounds and burns.

Kelo-Cote is suitable for children and people with sensitive skin.

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Dosage and Administration

- Ensure that the skin on the affected area is clean and dry.

- Apply Kelo-Cote to the affected area in a continuous thin layer and let it dry.

- Apply Kelo-Cote twice a day.

- To achieve maximum effect, Kelo-Cote should be in contact with the skin 24 hours a day.

- After the gel has completely dried, you can apply sunscreen and cosmetics, as well as apply pressure bandages.

If Kelo-Cote did not dry within 4-5 minutes, the gel may have been applied in a thick layer. In this case, carefully remove the excess and allow the remaining gel to dry. The recommended duration of the gel is at least 60-90 days. For large and old scars, a longer course of application may be required. Further use of the gel is recommended if, after the first 90 days of use, an improvement in the appearance of the scar continues to be observed.

The complete drying time of the Kelo-Cote gel depends on the temperature difference between the gel and the skin. To reduce drying time in hot climates, keep Kelo-Cote in the refrigerator. To reduce the drying time of the gel in cold weather, you can use a hair dryer (medium temperature).

Special instructions

Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and open wounds. Do not use Kelo-Cote for dermatological diseases that violate the integrity of the skin. If Kelo-Cote is not completely dry, stains may remain on clothing. For external use only. In case of skin irritation, discontinue use of the gel and consult a doctor.

  • Brand name: Kelo-cote®
  • Active ingredient: Hydrocolloid
  • Dosage form: Gel for local use.
  • Manufacturer: Advance Bio Technologies
  • Country of Origin: USA

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