Buy Kestine pills 20 mg, 10 pcs
  • Buy Kestine pills 20 mg, 10 pcs

Kestine® [Ebastine]

Almiral S.A.
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Clinical Pharmacology

Histamine H blocker1- long-acting receptors. Warns histamine-induced smooth muscle spasms and increased vascular permeability.

After taking the drug inside, the pronounced antiallergic action begins after 1 hour and lasts for 48 hours. After a 5-day course of treatment with Kestin®, lyophilized pills with 20 mg of antihistamine activity persist for 72 hours due to the action of the active metabolite.

With prolonged use, a high level of peripheral histamine H blockade is maintained.1receptors without the development of tahifiloxin. The drug does not have a pronounced anticholinergic and sedative effect.

No effect of the drug Kestin® of lyophilized 20 mg pills per QT ECG interval at a dose of 100 mg, 5 times the recommended daily dose (20 mg) was noted.



After ingestion, it is rapidly absorbed and almost completely metabolized in the liver, turning into the active metabolite carbastin. After a single dose of 20 mg of the drug, the maximum concentration of carbastine in the blood plasma is reached in 1-3 hours and averages 157 ng / ml. Fatty food accelerates the absorption of carbastine (the concentration in the blood increases by 50%) and presystemic metabolism (formation of carbastine).


With daily intake of the drug, the equilibrium concentration is reached after 3-5 days and amounts to 130-160 ng / ml. Binding to plasma proteins Ebastine and Carbastine is more than 95%.


T1/2 carbastine ranges from 15 to 19 hours. 66% of the drug is excreted in the form of conjugates by the kidneys.

Pharmacokinetics in special clinical situations

In elderly patients, pharmacokinetic parameters do not change significantly.

In renal failure T1/2 increases to 23-26 hours, and with liver failure - up to 27 hours, but the concentration of the drug does not exceed therapeutic values.


Allergic rhinitis of various etiologies (seasonal and / or year-round).

Urticaria of various etiologies, incl. chronic idiopathic.


1 tablet soderdit:

Active substances: Ebastine 20 mg.

Excipients: gelatin - 13.00 mg, mannitol - 9.76 mg, aspartame - 2.00 mg, mint flavor - 2.00 mg.

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Kestine® [Ebastine]

Dosage and Administration

The drug is intended for resorption in the mouth, regardless of the meal.

Adults, children and teenagers over 15 years old: appoint 20 mg (1 lyophilized tablet) 1 time / day. The course of treatment is determined by the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease.

Elderly patients dose adjustment is not required.

In patients with impaired renal function dose adjustment is not required.

With minor and moderate liver failure the drug can be used in the usual dose. In severe liver dysfunction, the daily dose of Ebastine 10 mg should not be exceeded.

Special precautions when handling the drug

  1. To avoid damage to the pills, do not remove the tablet from the blister by pressing. Open the package by gently lifting the free edge of the protective film.
  2. Remove the protective film.
  3. Gently squeeze the drug, without touching it. Carefully remove the pill and put it on the tongue where it will quickly dissolve. No need to drink water or other liquid. Eating does not affect the effect of the drug.

Adverse reactions

From the nervous system: from 1% to 3.7% - headache, drowsiness; less than 1% - insomnia.

From the digestive system: from 1% to 3.7% - dryness of the oral mucosa; less than 1% - dyspepsia, nausea, abdominal pain.

On the part of the respiratory system: less than 1% - sinusitis, rhinitis.

Other: less than 1% - asthenic syndrome; allergic reactions are possible.


Carefully: use in patients with prolonged QT interval, hypokalemia, with renal and / or liver failure.

Drug interactions

It is not recommended to use Kestin® lyophilized 20 mg pills simultaneously with ketoconazole and erythromycin (an increased risk of prolonged QT interval).

Kestin® freeze-dried pills 20 mg does not interact with theophylline, indirect anticoagulants, cimetidine, diazepam, ethanol and ethanol-containing drugs.

Pregnancy and Lactation

The drug is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding).

Special instructions

Ebastine may distort the results of skin allergy tests. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct such tests no earlier than 5-7 days after discontinuation of the drug.

Influence on the ability to drive vehicles and other mechanisms requiring increased attention concentration

In the event of side effects from the central nervous system, there may be a minimal decrease in the patients' ability to drive vehicles and engage in other potentially hazardous activities that require increased concentration and psychomotor reactions.


Symptoms: moderate effects on the central nervous system (fatigue) and the autonomic nervous system (dry oral mucosa) can occur only at high doses (300-500 mg, which is 15-25 times higher than the therapeutic dose).

Treatment: in case of an overdose, gastric lavage, control of vital body functions, and symptomatic treatment are recommended. There is no special antidote for ebastine.

  • Brand name: Kestin
  • Active ingredient: Ebastine
  • Dosage form: pills lyophilized.
  • Manufacturer: Almiral S.A.
  • Country of Origin: Spain

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