Buy Limontar pills 250 mg, 30 pcs
  • Buy Limontar pills 250 mg, 30 pcs


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Clinical Pharmacology

Metabolic, antialcoholic, antioxidant.


Limontar® is a regulator of tissue metabolism, enhances redox processes, the formation of ATP, which are due to its antihypoxic and antioxidant properties, and the ability of the drug:

  • activate the functions of organs and tissues;
  • increase the body's reactivity;
  • improve mental and physical performance;
  • improve pregnancy, growth and development of the fetus;
  • increase the secretion of gastric juice, the formation of hydrochloric acid, increase appetite;
  • reduce the toxic effect of alcohol.

The action of the drug Limontar® manifests itself 10-20 minutes after ingestion.


Succinic and citric acids are completely metabolized to water and carbon dioxide, accumulation in the body does not occur.


  • increase of non-specific reactivity of the organism of pregnant women, improvement of adaptive and compensatory-protective capabilities in order to prevent complications of hypoxia and fetal hypotrophy, with miscarriage
  • prevention of intoxication;
  • reduction of the toxic effects of alcohol in acute alcohol intoxication of mild and moderate severity and post-intoxication disorders;
  • complex therapy of drunken conditions in patients with chronic alcoholism and asthenovegetative disorders (severe general weakness, decreased performance, appetite) during the period of alcohol withdrawal syndrome;
  • as a "test breakfast" in the study of secretory and acid-forming functions of the stomach.


Excipients: magnesium stearate 3 mg.

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  • Brand name: chloride-SOLOpharm
  • Active ingredient: Lidocaine, Tolperisone
  • Manufacturer: Darchharm

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