Buy Nazaval spray 500 mg 200 doses of 1 pc.
  • Buy Nazaval spray 500 mg 200 doses of 1 pc.


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Clinical Pharmacology

Nazaval - fine powder of cellulose of plant origin with a slight mint smell in a spray dispenser to protect the nasal mucosa from contact with pollutants and air allergens:

  • plant pollen
  • household allergens - house dust mites, house dust
  • fungal allergens
  • epidermal allergens of animals and birds
  • allergens of cockroaches and other insects
  • chemical substances
    and other microparticles that enter the nasal cavity when air is inhaled.
    Nasaval is used to prevent the development of symptoms of allergic rhinitis: nasal itching, swelling of the nasal mucosa and disturbances of nasal breathing, abundant liquid clear nasal discharge, sneezing attacks, etc.
    Nazaval acts as a natural barrier to aeroallergens.

    Nazaval consists solely of natural ingredients: it is a natural fine powder of cellulose of plant origin with a slight mint smell.
    Nazaval does not contain systemic or local active ingredients.
    Nazaval forms a colorless gel-like coating of the nasal cavity, which is a reliable barrier against allergens during the day.


Protection of the nasal mucosa from aeroallergens and pollutants, as well as other aggressive environmental factors, inhaled with air.


Micronized cellulose of plant origin.
Excipients: extract of natural peppermint.

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Dosage and Administration

Nose injections - one injection in each nasal passage.
Nazaval can be used in adults and children under the supervision of adults.
Nazaval can be used as often as necessary.
As a rule, the use of the recommended dosage - one injection in each nasal passage 3-4 times a day (every 5-6 hours) - is enough to protect against allergens throughout the day.
It is recommended to repeat the injections of Nazaval after each blowing of the nose to restore the formation of a protective layer.


Individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Pregnancy and Lactation

Nazaval can be used in women during pregnancy and lactation, because it does not contain active substances, does not have a systemic effect and does not contain preservatives.

Special instructions

It is recommended to use Nazaval in advance, 10-15 minutes before alleged contact with allergens, for example, before going outside during the flowering period of plants, visiting crowded places, carrying out house cleaning, and contacting pets.

Before each use, Nazaval Plus is recommended to shake the bottle!


  1. When using for the first time, it is recommended to adjust the dosing device to obtain the optimal dose: to do this, place the dosing bottle in front of you and, slightly pressing the bottle walls, make 2 test injections into the air - you will see a stream of powder.
  2. Before use, if necessary, perform a hygienic cleaning of the nasal cavity or blow your nose.
  3. Pinch your left nasal passage.
  4. Place the nasal spout in the opposite nasal passage and make one powder injection into the right nasal inhale by pressing on the walls of the vial.
  5. Hold your breath for 2 seconds and then take a deep, calm breath in order for the powder to enter the nasal passages.
  6. Repeat this procedure on the opposite side.

Nazaval can be used as often as necessary. Use Nazaval systematically, 10-15 minutes before suspected contact with allergens. It is recommended to reuse after each nasal cavity cleanse.

Do not use simultaneously with other drugs for the nose, because this may reduce the effectiveness of nazaval.
In case of contact with Nasaval in the eyes it is recommended to wash the eyes with water.

  • Brand name: Nazaval
  • Active ingredient: Cellulose grown micronized
  • Dosage form: Powder
  • Manufacturer: Nazalese
  • Country of Origin: Great Britain

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