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  • Buy Nervoheel® pills 50 pcs


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Clinical Pharmacology

Nervoheel® is a homeopathic medicine.


- Increased nervous irritability.
- Neurosis-like reactions in menopause.
- Violations of falling asleep.
- Sleep disturbances.


1 tablet sublingual contains: Acidum phosphoricum (Acidum phosphoricum) D4 60 mg, Ignatia (Ignatia) D4 60 mg, Sepia Officinalis D4 60 (Sepia ofnalis) D4 60 mg, Psorinum-Nosode (Psorinum-nosode) D4 mg, Kalium bromaum Kalium bromatum) D4 30 mg, Zincum valerianicum (Zincum valerianicum) D4 30 mg

Excipients: Magnesium stearate 1.5 mg, lactose to obtain a tablet weighing about 302 mg.

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Dosage and Administration

Adults: 1 tablet 3 times a day, dissolve under the tongue 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after a meal. The course of treatment: 2-3 weeks. Increasing the duration and repeated courses of treatment is possible after consultation with the doctor.
Children from 3 years old can use the drug as prescribed and under the supervision of a physician.


- Hypersensitivity to the drug.
- Children's age up to 3 years.

Drug interactions

The prescription of complex homeopathic medicines does not preclude the use of other medicines used in this disease.

Pregnancy and Lactation

During pregnancy and lactation, the drug can be used only after prior consultation with a doctor.

Special instructions

When taking homeopathic medicines, symptoms may temporarily worsen (primary worsening). In this case, you should stop taking the drug and contact your doctor.

If you experience side effects that are not described in the instructions for medical use, you should inform your doctor.

  • Brand name: Nervoheel®
  • Active ingredient: Homeopathic composition
  • Dosage form: Pills.
  • Manufacturer: Heel
  • Country of Origin: Germany

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