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  • Buy Otofa drops 10 ml

Otofa® [Rifamycin]

Bouchard Laboratory
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Clinical Pharmacology

Wide spectrum antibacterial, antibacterial, bactericidal. Otofa suppresses the synthesis of microbial cell RNA by forming a stable complex with DNA-dependent RNA polymerase.


Acute and chronic otitis (including with isolated purulent lesions of the eardrum and its perforations), conditions after operations on the middle ear.


100 ml ear drops contain:

Active ingredient: rifamycin sodium 2.6 g, which corresponds to 2,000,000 IU;

Excipients: macrogol 400 - 25 g, ascorbic acid - 500 mg, disodium edetate - 12 mg, potassium disulfite - 150 mg, lithium hydroxide - 135 mg, purified water - up to 100 ml.

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Otofa® [Rifamycin]

Dosage and Administration

Otof is applied topically, buried in the external auditory canal; Before use, the bottle is warmed by holding it in your hand. 5 drops (for children - 3 drops), 3 times a day or twice a day, are poured into the external auditory canal for several minutes. Course - 1-3 days (no more).

Adverse reactions

Pink coloring of the eardrum (visible when otoscopy).



Special instructions

Rifampicin resistant strains may occur. Otofa contains sulfites.

  • Brand name: Otofa
  • Active ingredient: Rifamycin
  • Dosage form: Ear drops
  • Manufacturer: Bouchard Laboratory
  • Country of Origin: France

Studies and clinical trials of Rifamycin (Click to expand)
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