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Clinical Pharmacology

Schwef-Heel has a dermatoprotective, antipruritic effect.


Dermatosis, prone to irritation of eczema, pyoderma; stimulation of defense mechanisms.


100 g drops contain: Sulfur D4 20 g, Sulfur D6 20 g, Sulfur D12 20 g, Sulfur D30 20 g, Sulfur D200 20 g.

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Dosage and Administration

Schwef-Heel is taken orally, 10 drops 3 times a day, in acute cases, start with 10 drops every 15 minutes. Long-term therapy is possible only under medical supervision.


Individual intolerance to the components of Schwef-Heel, pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnancy and Lactation


Special instructions

When taking homeopathic medicines, symptoms may temporarily worsen (primary worsening). In this case, you should stop taking the drug and contact your doctor. In the absence of a therapeutic effect, as well as the appearance of side effects that are not described in the instructions for medical use, you should inform your doctor.
Prolonged use of the drug (for several months or more) should be carried out under medical supervision.
Preparation Schwef-Heels contains ethyl alcohol.

  • Brand name: Schwef-Heel
  • Active ingredient: Homeopathic composition
  • Dosage form: Alcohol 85% solution for oral administration in the form of drops.
  • Manufacturer: Heel
  • Country of Origin: Germany

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