Buy Superlymph rectal suppositories 25 U 10 pcs
  • Buy Superlymph rectal suppositories 25 U 10 pcs


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Clinical Pharmacology

Superlymph is a natural complex of natural antimicrobial peptides and cytokines - universal stimulants of the immune system with the activity of a factor that inhibits the migration of macrophages (MIF), interleukin-1 (IL-1), interleukin - 6 (IL-6), tumor necrosis factor (TNF), transforming growth factor (TGF) secreted by porcine peripheral blood leukocytes.

Antimicrobial peptides have a broad spectrum of direct antimicrobial activity — they inhibit the growth of microorganisms, fungi, and some viruses. They are rightly called natural, or endogenous antibiotics.

Immunobiological properties:

Superlymp® is an immunomodulator with antiviral and antimicrobial action. The drug stimulates the functional activity of phagocytic cells (monocytes and neutrophils): it activates phagocytosis, production of cytokines (IL-1, TNF), induces antitumor cytotoxicity of macrophages, contributes to the death of intracellular parasites, regulates the migration of cells to the center of inflammation, increases the activity of natural killers. Superlympf reduces the development of inflammatory reactions by reducing edema, infiltration, redness and pain. Stimulates the regeneration, epithelization and the formation of granulation tissue. Activates healing, acting on all stages of the wound process. Regulates the formation of scar tissue, preventing the formation of coarse scars due to the synthesis of type IV collagen, which is especially important in reconstructive operations. It has antioxidant activity.


Tissue repair stimulator. Comprehensive treatment of herpetic diseases of the urogenital tract, including those complicated by bacterial and other viral infections.


Active substance Superlymp® (substance), cocoa butter, anhydrous lanolin.

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Dosage and Administration

For the treatment of a viral infection in the exacerbation stage, Superlymph® 25 U is applied vaginally or rectally, depending on the location and sex of the patient, alternating the route of administration, if necessary, 1 suppository once a day. Course duration 10 days.

In order to prevent possible relapses, repeated courses are allowed in 2-3 months and simultaneous treatment of both partners, as well as the treatment of a partner in case of a herpes infection.

Adverse reactions

Not found.


Superlymph® suppositories are not recommended for use at body temperatures above 38 ° C, as well as with a history of hypersensitivity to proteins of porcine origin.

Special instructions

The drug is not suitable for use if the integrity of the package; unmarked; with altered physical properties (color change, the appearance of the smell of rancid fat, suppository deformation); expired.

  • Brand name: Superlymph
  • Active ingredient: Complex of natural antimicrobial peptides and cytokines
  • Dosage form: Rectal and vaginal suppositories are whitish - creamy, conical or cylindrical in shape. Heterogeneity in the form of inclusions or marbling is allowed. 25 U.
  • Manufacturer: Altfarm
  • Country of Origin: Russia

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