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  • Buy Amixin pills 125 mg, 6 pcs


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Clinical Pharmacology

Amixin - antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs. Amixin stimulates the formation in the body of interferon alpha, beta, gamma. The main structures producing interferon in response to the administration of Amixin are intestinal epithelial cells, hepatocytes, T-lymphocytes, neutrophils. After taking the drug inside the maximum production of interferon is determined in the sequence of the intestine-liver-blood after 4-24 hours. Amixin has an immunomodulatory and antiviral effect.
Stimulates bone marrow stem cells, enhances antibody production, depending on the dose, reduces the degree of immunosuppression, restores the ratio of T-suppressors and T-helper cells. Effective against various viral infections (including those caused by influenza viruses, other causative agents of acute respiratory viral infections, hepatitis viruses, herpes). The mechanism of antiviral action is associated with the inhibition of translation of virus-specific proteins in infected cells, as a result of which reproduction of viruses is inhibited.


In adults:
For the treatment of viral hepatitis A, B and C.
For the treatment of herpes infection.
For the treatment of cytomegalovirus infection.
As part of complex therapy of allergic and viral encephalomyelitis (including multiple sclerosis, leukoencephalitis, uveoencephalitis).
In the complex therapy of urogenital and respiratory chlamydia.
In the complex treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.
For the prevention and treatment of influenza and SARS.

In children over 7 years old
For the treatment of influenza and SARS.


1 tablet contains Tilorone 125 mg,
Excipients: magnesium carbonate basic, polyvinylpyrrolidone, calcium stearate, aerosil, vaseline oil, sugar, talc, tropeolin O, titanium dioxide, gelatin, beeswax.

Tilorone is marketed under different brands and generic names, and comes in different dosage forms:

Brand nameManufacturerCountryDosage form
Amixin Pharmstandard Russia pills
Lavamax Nizhpharm Russia pills

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Dosage and Administration

The drug is taken orally after a meal.

Appointment to children older than 7 years with uncomplicated forms of influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections
For children over 7 years old with uncomplicated forms of influenza or other acute respiratory viral infections, the drug is prescribed in a dose of 60 mg (1 tab.) 1 time / day after meals on the 1st, 2nd and 4th day from the start of treatment. Heading dose - 0.18 g (3 tab.).
The development of complications of influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections.
With the development of complications of influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections, the drug is taken on 60 mg 1 time / day on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th day from the start of treatment. Heading dose - 0.24 g (4 tab.).

Adverse reactions

From the digestive system: Symptoms of dyspepsia are possible.
Other: Possible short-term chills. Allergic reactions.


Lactation period (breastfeeding).
Children's age up to 7 years.
Hypersensitivity to the drug.

Drug interactions

Amixin is compatible with antibiotics and traditional treatments for viral and bacterial infections.

Pregnancy and Lactation

Amixin is contraindicated for use during pregnancy and lactation.


To date, cases of overdose Amixin unknown.

  • Brand name: Amixin
  • Active ingredient: Tilorone
  • Dosage form: Coated pills.
  • Manufacturer: Pharmstandard
  • Country of Origin: Russia

Studies and clinical trials of Tilorone (Click to expand)

  1. Phase II trials of baker's antifol, bleomycin, CCNU, streptozotocin, tilorone, and 5-fluorodeoxyuridine plus arabinosyl cytosine in metastatic breast cancer
  2. Binding of ligands to a one-dimensional heterogeneous lattice. III. Kinetic model and relaxation study of the interaction of tilorone with DNA and polynucleotides
  3. Generation and control of metastasis in experimental tumor systems; inhibition of experimental metastases by a tilorone analogue
  4. Synthesis of 2, 7-bis [2-(diethylamino) ethoxy] fluoren-9 14C-one. 2HCL; (tilorone-914C hydrochloride
  5. Effect of the immunomodulator tilorone on antipyrine disposition in the rat
  6. Modulation of the acquisition and expression of immunity by Tilorone: I. Delayed-type hypersensitivity responses
  7. Modulation of the acquisition and expression of immunity by tilorone: II. Humoral responsiveness
  8. Suppression of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis by tilorone: cell transfer and interferon studies
  9. The interaction of tilorone and RMI 9563DA with the complement system
  10. Mucopolysaccharidosis and lipidosis in rats treated with tilorone analogues
  11. Performance of tiloronoxim and tilorone determination in human blood by HPLC–MS/MS: Method validation, uncertainty assessment and its application to a pharmacokinetic study
  12. Impaired macrophage functions as a possible basis of immunomodification by microbial agents, tilorone and dimethyldioctadecylammonium bromide
  13. Histochemical evidence for lysosomal storage of acid glycosaminoglycans in splenic cells of rats treated with tilorone
  14. Distribution of14C-tilorone in mice
  15. Subcellular distribution of14C-tilorone hydrochloride in tissues of mice and rats
  16. The protective effect of the interferon inducers tilorone hydrochloride and poly I∶C on experimental tick-borne encephalitis in mice
  17. Comparison of the activity of small molecular interferon inducers: Tilorone and acridine drugs
  18. A dual effect of tilorone on multiplication ofMycobacterium lepraein mice
  19. Dissociation between antiinflammatory action of tilorone and its interferon inducing activity
  20. Induction of cytokines by tilorone hydrochloride
  21. Mucopolysaccharidosis-like alterations in cardiac valves of rats treated with tilorone
  22. Tilorone-induced lysosomal storage mimicking the features of mucopolysaccharidosis and of lipidosis in rat liver
  23. Antiviral and Anticancer Activity of Cisplatin Derivatives of Tilorone
  24. Improved synthesis of 2,7-dihydroxyfluorenone in the manufacture of tilorone with application of a rotor—stator system

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