Buy Venoruton capsules 300 mg, 50 pcs
  • Buy Venoruton capsules 300 mg, 50 pcs

Venoruton® [Rutoside]

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Clinical Pharmacology

Venoruton - a drug with venotonic and angioprotective effects. Derived routine. Affects mainly capillaries and veins.

It reduces the pores between endothelial cells by modifying the fibrous matrix located between the endothelium cells. Inhibits aggregation and increases the degree of red blood cell deformability. It has anti-inflammatory effect.

In chronic venous insufficiency, Venu-ruton decreases the severity of its manifestations such as edema, pain, convulsions, trophic disorders, varicose ulcers. Reduces symptoms associated with hemorrhoids, incl. pain, itching and bleeding.

Providing a beneficial effect on the permeability and resistance of the capillary walls, the drug helps to slow down the development of diabetic retinopathy. Due to the influence of ruthoside on the rheological properties of blood, the drug helps prevent retinal microthrombosis.



Chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins (heaviness and pain in the legs, swelling, convulsions, trophic disorders, varicose dermatitis, ulcers, etc.); pain after sclerotherapy, hemorrhoids (symptomatic treatment), venous insufficiency and hemorrhoids during pregnancy (starting from the 4th month)


1 capsule contains:

Active substance: hydroxyethylrutozid 300 mg,

Auxiliary substance: Macrogol 6000 - 9 mg;

Ptired hard gelatin capsule: gelatin - about 63,0097 mg; water - 11.02 mg; titanium dioxide - about 1.5 mg; iron dye yellow oxide - about 0.47 mg. The capsule is printed with black ink; the capsule contains trace amounts of ink;

The main ingredients of ink for printing: shellac in ethanol; iron dye black oxide; n-butanol; propylene glycol; isopropanol; ammonia water.

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Venoruton® [Rutoside]

Dosage and Administration

Inside while eating, swallowing whole, drinking water.

In chronic venous insufficiency, post-phlebitic syndrome, trophic disorders in case of varicose veins and trophic ulcers: At the initial stage of treatment (for the first 2 weeks), take 1 capsule of Venoruton 2-3 times a day (no more than 3 capsules per day). Further, the treatment is either continued for 2–3 months at the same dose as maintenance therapy, or is discontinued. The minimum maintenance dose is 1 capsule 2 times a day. At the same time, the achieved therapeutic effect is maintained for at least 4 weeks. The minimum course of treatment during which the effect usually develops is 2 weeks.

To maintain the result, it is necessary to conduct 2 courses of treatment per year.

In lymphostasis (along with bandaging with elastic bandages), as well as after vein sclerotherapy and the removal of varicose nodes: The recommended dose is 10 capsules / day - 3 capsules in the morning and evening and 4 capsules at night for up to 6 months.

To eliminate the symptoms of hemorrhoids: The recommended dose is 1 capsule 2–3 times a day (no more than 3 capsules / day) until symptoms are eliminated, usually within 28 days.

In diabetic retinopathy, arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis (as adjunctive therapy): 2-3 capsules 2-3 times a day, no more than 3000 mg / day, for 2 months.

Adverse reactions

From the digestive system: nausea, diarrhea, heartburn.

Allergic reactions: skin rash.

Other: headache, flushing of the face.

Side effects quickly disappear after discontinuation of the drug.


Hypersensitivity to rutozidam or other components of the drug; I trimester of pregnancy.

Drug interactions

The action of Venoruton increases with simultaneous use with ascorbic acid.

Pregnancy and Lactation

In clinical studies, the use of Venoruton in pregnancy was studied, however, its use in the first trimester was not specifically studied. Use in the first trimester of pregnancy is contraindicated.

In animal studies, no teratogenic and other undesirable effects of the drug on the fetus were observed.

It is recommended to administer Venoruton inside only from the second trimester of pregnancy, when the expected benefit to the mother from its use exceeds the possible risk to the fetus.

Special instructions

If the use of the drug does not reduce the severity of the symptoms of the disease, it is recommended to verify the diagnosis.


Cases of overdose that would be accompanied by clinical symptoms were not reported.

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