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Clinical Pharmacology

Cordipin® retard belongs to the group of calcium channel blockers, which is dihydropyridine. It has antianginal and antihypertensive activity. Expands coronary and peripheral arterial vessels, reduces the myocardial oxygen demand by reducing the afterload on the heart and oxygen delivery.


- stable angina, Prinzmetal angina
- arterial hypertension (in combination therapy)
- Raynaud's disease


1 tab .:
- nifedipine 20 mg,
excipients: microcrystalline cellulose, glyceryl palmitostearate, talc, anhydrous colloidal silicon dioxide, sodium lauryl sulfate, magnesium stearate, povidone.
film coating composition: methacrylate copolymer, talc, titanium dioxide, macrogol 4000, quinoline yellow dye.

Nifedipine is marketed under different brands and generic names, and comes in different dosage forms:

Brand nameManufacturerCountryDosage form
Cordipin retard Krka dd Novo mesto AO Slovenia pills
Calcigard retard Torrent India pills
Nifedipine Obolensky OP Russia pills
Nifecard hl Sandoz Switzerland pills
Corinfar Retard Teva Israel pills
Corinfar Teva Israel pills
Cordaflex® Egis Hungary pills
Fenigidin Zdorovye Russia pills

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Dosage and Administration

Dose cordipina retard is selected individually.
The recommended dose is 1-2 pills 2 times a day.
The maximum daily dose is 60 mg.
For patients with Prinzmetal angina, the daily dose may be increased to 80–120 mg.

Adverse reactions

- headache, dizziness, orthostatic hypotension
- hyperemia of the skin, peripheral edema
- skin rash, urticaria, itching
- heart rhythm disorders (tachycardia, bradycardia, asystole), chest pain
- increased fatigue, muscle weakness, muscle cramps, tremor
- sleep disturbance
- nausea, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, increased activity of hepatic transaminases, intrahepatic cholestasis
- impaired renal function
- agranulocytosis, aplastic anemia, thrombocytopenia, leukopenia


- hypersensitivity to nifedipine or other dihydropyridines, other components of the preparation cordipin retard
- cardiogenic shock
- porphyria
- Aortic stenosis
- unstable angina
- sick sinus syndrome
- severe heart failure
- arterial hypotension
- acute myocardial infarction (1st week of acute period)
- lactose deficiency, galactosemia, glucose / galactose impaired absorption syndrome
- pregnancy, lactation
- children's and teenage age up to 18 years

Drug interactions

With the simultaneous appointment of nifedipine and other antihypertensive drugs, beta blockers, diuretics, nitroglycerin and isosorbid with a prolonged action should be taken into account the synergistic effect of these drugs (possibly a significant reduction in blood pressure).
The simultaneous appointment of fentanyl may further reduce blood pressure. Nifedipine treatment should be stopped 36 hours prior to anesthesia using fentanyl.
Simultaneous use with cimetidine, tricyclic antidepressants, ranitidine can potentiate the antihypertensive effect of nifedipine. Rifampicin induces the activity of liver enzymes, accelerating the metabolism of nifedipine, which leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of the latter. The joint appointment of nifedipine can increase the serum concentration of digoxin, carbamazepine, phenytoin, theophylline and reduce the concentration of quinidine.
With the simultaneous use of nifedipine and calcium preparations, the effect of nifedipine is reduced.
It is not recommended to use grapefruit juice during Cordipin therapy, due to the possible enhancement of the effects of the drug.

Special instructions

At the beginning of treatment with nifedipine, especially if it is combined with beta-blockers, hypotension may occur.
At the beginning of treatment with nifedipine, it is necessary to carefully monitor patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, unstable angina, diabetes mellitus, severe liver dysfunction, pulmonary hypertension and elderly patients.
In patients with impaired renal function, dose change is usually not required.
As a result of reflex tachycardia in patients with severe coronary insufficiency, myocardial ischemia (an increase in painful seizures) can become heavier.
Special care is needed when using immediate-release nephedipine dosage forms in patients with angina pectoris or after acute myocardial infarction.
Nifedipine may affect some laboratory parameters (alkaline phosphatase, ALT, AST, LDH). These changes are not always associated with clinical manifestations, however, in some cases, symptoms of cholestasis or jaundice were observed.
Cordipin should be discontinued before an inhalation test with methacholine to evaluate bronchial hyperreactivity.
Cancel nifedipine should be gradual, since the sudden cessation of reception (especially after long-term treatment) may develop "withdrawal syndrome".
Influence on ability to drive a car and other mechanisms:
In some patients, especially at the beginning of treatment, the drug may cause dizziness and reduce the ability to drive a car or other mechanisms. Further, the degree of restriction is determined depending on the individual tolerance of nifedipine.


Symptoms: marked reduction in blood pressure, acceleration or slowing of heart rate, irregular heart rhythm, nausea, vomiting, weakness, redness of the skin, dizziness, increased sleepiness, lethargy, convulsions, loss of consciousness.
Treatment: induce vomiting and give activated charcoal. Symptomatic treatment.

  • Brand name: Cordipin retard
  • Active ingredient: Nifedipine
  • Dosage form: pills of the prolonged action, film coated.
  • Manufacturer: Krka dd Novo mesto AO
  • Country of Origin: Slovenia

Studies and clinical trials of Nifedipine (Click to expand)

  1. Incidence of cancer in postmyocardial infarction patients treated with short-acting nifedipine and diltiazem
  2. Characterization of a chemical anoxia model in cerebellar granule neurons using sodium azide: Protection by nifedipine and MK-801
  3. Flow-through polarographic cell for flow-injection analysis. Determination of nifedipine in pharmaceutical formulations
  5. Grapefruit juice and orange juice effects on the bioavailability of nifedipine in the rat
  6. Nifedipine and mortality risk in the elderly: relevance of drug formulation, dose and duration
  7. Relationship between the crystallization rates of amorphous nifedipine, phenobarbital, and flopropione, and their molecular mobility as measured by their enthalpy relaxation and 1H NMR relaxation times
  8. In vivo EPR evidence for free radical adducts of nifedipine
  9. Pharmacokinetics of vincristine in cancer patients treated with nifedipine
  10. Dihydropyridine C-Glycoconjugates by Hantzsch Cyclocondensation. Synthesis of a C(6)-Glycosylated Nifedipine Analogue
  11. Severe myotonia relieved by nifedipine
  12. Synthesis and characterization of modified chitosan microspheres: Effect of the grafting ratio on the controlled release of nifedipine through microspheres
  13. Numerical simulation of controlled nifedipine release from chitosan microgels
  14. Effect of coexcipients on drug release and floating property of nifedipine hollow microspheres: A novel gastro retentive drug delivery system
  15. Synthesis and characterization of methoxypolyethyleneglycol and lauric acid grafted novel polyurethanes for controlled release of nifedipine
  16. Novel methyl cellulose-grafted-acrylamide/gelatin microspheres for controlled release of nifedipine
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  20. Nifedipine as a therapeutic modality for raynaud's phenomenon
  21. Nifedipine treatment for Raynaud's phenomenon
  22. Nifedipine and esophageal dysfunction in progressive systemic sclerosis. A controlled manometric study

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