Buy Ant alcohol vials 1.4%, 50 ml
  • Buy Ant alcohol vials 1.4%, 50 ml

Formic acid

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Clinical Pharmacology

Irritants. It stimulates sensitive receptors of the skin, causes dilation of blood vessels, directly and reflexively improves the trophism of tissues.

Suggested use

Topically, rub the skin in the area of ​​pain.


Myositis, neuralgia, etc.


1 l of solution for 70% ethyl alcohol contains 14 g of formic acid; in vials of 50 ml.

Formic acid is marketed under different brands and generic names, and comes in different dosage forms:

Brand nameManufacturerCountryDosage form
Ant alcohol vials
Camphor alcohol and formic alcohol equally Samaramedprom Russia vials

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Formic acid
For topical use. Rub the skin in the area of soreness.
  • Brand name: Ant alcohol
  • Active ingredient: Formic acid
  • Manufacturer: Samaramedprom

Studies and clinical trials of Formic acid (Click to expand)

  1. Ethyl formate, formic acid and ethanol in air, wheat, barley and sultanas: analysis of natural levels and fumigant residues
  2. Raman spectral study of ‘neat’ formic acid and aqueous and organic solutions of formic acid
  3. Conductive polyaniline–polyamide 6 blends processed from formic acid with improved stability against deprotonation
  4. Electrosynthesis of Aromatic Aldehydes by Palladium-Catalyzed Carbonylation of Aryl Iodides in the Presence of Formic Acid
  5. Evidence for Direct Hydride Delivery from Formic Acid in Transfer Hydrogenation
  6. Dimerization of Formic Acid-An Example of a “Noncovalent” Reaction Mechanism
  7. Molecular Beside Ionic: Crystal Structures of a 1/1 and a 1/4 Adduct of Pyridine and Formic Acid
  8. A Selective Conversion of Nitriles into Carboxamides by Formic Acid
  9. Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of formic acid by bismuth(V) in aqueous phosphoric acid medium
  10. Formic acid/acetone-organosolv pulping of white-rotted Pinus radiata softwood
  11. Reversible Formation of a Cationic Palladium(II) Hydride [HPd(PPh3)2]+ in the Oxidative Addition of Acetic or Formic Acid to Palladium(0) in DMF
  12. Proton Motion and Proton Transfer in the Formamidine–Formic Acid Complex: An Ab Initio Projector Augmented Wave Molecular Dynamics Study
  13. Tropospheric Formation of Hydroxymethyl Hydroperoxide, Formic Acid, H2O2, and OH from Carbonyl Oxide in the Presence of Water Vapor: A Theoretical Study of the Reaction Mechanism
  14. An XPS study of copper corrosion originated by formic acid vapour at 40% and 80% relative humidity
  15. Scaling Up of a Photoreactor for Formic Acid Degradation Employing Hydrogen Peroxide and UV Radiation
  16. Studies on Lyotropic Liquid-Crystalline N-Alkyl Chitosans in Formic Acid
  17. [Inorganic Syntheses] Inorganic Syntheses Volume 1 || Azidodithiocarbonic Acid (Azidothio-Formic Acid) and Azidocarbondisulfide
  18. Fuel Cell Catalysis || Methanol, Formaldehyde, and Formic Acid Adsorption/Oxidation on a Carbon-Supported Pt Nanoparticle Fuel Cell Catalyst: A Comparative Quantitative DEMS Study
  19. Mechanistic Aspects of Formation of Chiral Ruthenium Hydride Complexes from 16-Electron Ruthenium Amide Complexes and Formic Acid: Facile Reversible Decarboxylation and Carboxylation
  20. New Trends in Palladium-Catalyzed Transfer Hydrogenations Using Formic Acid
  21. Continuous Hydrogen Generation from Formic Acid: Highly Active and Stable Ruthenium Catalysts
  22. Photodecomposition kinetics of formic acid in aqueous solution
  23. Role of water in formic acid decomposition
  24. Current Oscillations during Formic Acid Oxidation on a Pt Electrode: Insight into the Mechanism by Time-Resolved IR Spectroscopy

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