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Clinical Pharmacology

Beresh Plus - immunomodulatory, tonic, filling the deficit of micro-and macronutrients means.
Beresh Plus is an aqueous solution that, along with metal ions, contains excipients that promote their absorption. The composition of Beresh Plus drops includes mineral salts and trace elements, which are essential: they are necessary for vital activity and can only come from outside. The need for these substances is due to the fact that they are part of the structural elements of tissues, play an important role in stabilizing cell membranes and normalizing the concentration of vitamins and hormones in the tissues of the body. But the most important thing is that metal ions are part of coenzymes, structural fragments of molecules, enzymes with biochemical activity and controlling vital processes.
In the human body, there are about 500 enzymes that are activated by metal ions, are involved in the most important metabolic processes, primarily in tissue respiration and synthesis of nucleic acids. The lack or imbalance of trace elements in the body leads to the development of many diseases of various organs and systems.
General asthenia of the body, loss of appetite and weight loss, fatigue, transient headache, impaired concentration and memory, a high incidence of bacterial and viral infectious diseases, reproductive function - all these signs are often detected in patients, despite the fact that The clinical picture and data of instrumental studies do not give grounds for establishing a specific diagnosis, that is, in practically healthy people. And only when a laboratory study of the biological environment of the body reveals a deficit of certain microelements, which explains the presence of flickering, blurred symptoms that do not fit into the diagnostic framework.
The amount of microelements that comes from food is not enough to compensate for their deficiency in the body, especially for diseases accompanied by increased microelement costs.
For example, the loss of iron in chronic bleeding leads to the development of iron deficiency anemia, zinc deficiency - to a pronounced decrease in the immune response of the body, chromium - to some disorders of carbohydrate metabolism. In most European countries, there is a low content in the food of such an element as molybdenum, which participates in the processes of blood formation and nerve impulses.
The use of Beresh Plus among millions of consumers has confirmed their pronounced stimulating effect on the immune system. Replenishing zinc deficiency, they increase the phagocytic activity of monocytes and macrophages; stimulate antibody-dependent cytotoxicity; enhance the secretion of immunomedigators, in particular interleukin-6, which increases the expression of glucocorticoid receptors and regulates the function of the complement system.
Beresh Plus drops help to fill the deficiency of vital trace elements and help restore biological balance, so that the drug is successfully used for maintenance therapy in many cancers. Thus, despite the fact that Beresh Plus is not an anticancer drug, they can improve the quality of life of cancer patients, reduce the severity of side effects of radiation and chemotherapy, speed up the recovery process after surgery to remove a malignant neoplasm, and increase the duration of remission.
Initially, Beresh Plus was assigned to the group of dietary supplements, since there were no reliable data on its therapeutic efficacy.The assignment of the status of a drug was made possible by complying with GMP standards in their production and conducting a number of clinical studies, the results of which confirmed: the drug Beresh Plus has a pronounced therapeutic and prophylactic effect and has a high safety profile.


Prevention and treatment of metabolic disorders of mineral substances (micro- and macronutrients) in case of inadequate or unbalanced nutrition (including against the background of special diets, chronic alcoholism, diabetes, pregnancy, breastfeeding), significant physical exertion; fatigue, general weakness, lethargy, insomnia, lack of appetite, reduced resistance to infectious diseases, pain in chronic degenerative diseases of bones and joints, headache, menopause, pre-and postoperative periods, convalescence; during antibiotic therapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy (as an adjunct to reduce side effects).


1 ml of drops contains iron 2 mg, zinc 1.1 mg, sodium 0.64 mg, magnesium 0.40 mg, manganese 0.31 mg, potassium 0.28 mg, copper 0.25 mg, molybdenum 0.19 mg, vanadium 0.12 mg, nickel 0.11 mg, boron 0.10 mg, fluorine 0.09 mg, chlorine 0.03 mg, cobalt 0.025 mg, glycerol 6 mg, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid sodium salt 2.4 mg, glycine 2, 3 mg, L (+) - tartaric acid, 1.6 mg, succinic acid, 0.50 mg, L (+) - ascorbic acid, 0.3 mg.

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Beresh plus

Dosage and Administration

Inside, adults and children over 1 year old - 1 drop per 2 kg of body weight per day for 2 doses. For the diseases indicated in the indications, 1 drop per 1 kg of body weight in 3 doses. The drug is recommended to be taken with meals with plenty of fluids and with 50-100 mg of vitamin C.

Adverse reactions

Allergic reactions are possible.


  • hypersensitivity to metal ions;
  • diseases accompanied by increased accumulation of iron;
  • hepatolenticular degeneration (Wilson's disease - Konovalov).

Drug interactions

Compatible with any other drugs (at 30 min interval between doses).
With simultaneous use with tetracyclines and antacids should observe an interval of at least 1 hour.

Pregnancy and Lactation

Perhaps the use of the drug Drops Beresh Plus during pregnancy and lactation.

Special instructions

Concurrent administration with other micronutrient preparations should be avoided.

An interval of at least 1 hour is required between taking Capel Beresh Plus and other medicines.

It is not recommended to take the drug with milk or coffee, as this decreases the absorption of the components.

When you add the drug to the tea solution may darken. It is possible to eliminate the darkening of tea by adding lemon juice or ascorbic acid.

The drug does not contain carbohydrates, preservatives and artificial colors.

Use in Pediatrics

Perhaps the use of the drug Drops Beresh Plus inchildren weighing more than 10 kg.

Medical control is necessary when prescribing the drugchildren weighing from 10 to 20 kg.


Possible only when taking extremely high doses (several orders of magnitude higher than recommended). Symptomatic treatment.

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