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Clinical Pharmacology

Combined preparation of plant origin.

Pharmacological properties due to biologically active substances that are part of the drug. Sinupret® has a secretolytic, secretomotor, anti-inflammatory effect. Promotes outflow of exudate from the paranasal sinuses and upper respiratory tract.


Acute and chronic sinusitis, accompanied by the formation of a viscous secretion.


100 g of Sinupret® drops contain 29 g of an aqueous-alcoholic extract from a mixture of the following types of medicinal plant materials:

Active substances: gentian root (Gentiana lutea) 0.2 g, primrose flowers (Primula veris) 0.6 g, sorrel grass (Rumex acetosa) 0.6 g, elder flowers (Sambucus nigra) 0.6 g, verbena grass (Verbena officinalis) 0.6 g. Ethanol content: 16.0 - 19.0% (%).

Excipients: purified water 71.0 g

Sinupret® is marketed under different brands and generic names, and comes in different dosage forms:

Brand nameManufacturerCountryDosage form
Sinupret Bionorica CE Germany drops
Sinupret Bionorica CE Germany dragee

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Dosage and Administration

Orally, prediluted in a small amount of water.

  • Adults: 50 drops 3 times a day.
  • School children: 25 drops, 3 times a day.
  • Children from 2 to 6 years: 15 drops 3 times a day.

The course of treatment is 7-14 days. If symptoms persist for more than 7-14 days or recur periodically, then you should consult with your doctor.

Adverse reactions

Possible: allergic reactions (skin rash, skin redness, itching, angioedema, shortness of breath).

In very rare cases it is possible: the appearance of pain in the upper abdomen, nausea. If you experience side effects, stop taking the drug and consult a doctor.

Carefully: liver diseases, epilepsy, diseases and injuries of the brain (use is possible only after consulting a doctor).

Drug interactions

Combination with antibacterial drugs is possible and appropriate.

Interaction with other drugs is still not known.

Pregnancy and Lactation

The use of Sinupret® during pregnancy is possible only on prescription; Sinupret® drops, due to the alcohol content, should only be taken if Sinupret® pills are not available.

The drug is not recommended to be taken during breastfeeding (due to the lack of experience of its clinical use).

Special instructions

The preparation contains 16.0 - 19.0% ethanol (by volume).

When using the bottle should be kept upright.

During the storage of Sinupret® drops, a slight turbidity or a slight sediment may occur, which does not affect the effectiveness of the preparation.

Shake before use!

Impact on the ability to drive vehicles and other mechanisms that require high concentration of attention

When applied in recommended doses, the drug does not affect the ability to drive vehicles and work with mechanisms that require increased attention.


Symptoms: taking the drug in doses much higher than therapeutic, can cause alcohol poisoning.

Treatment: in this case, you should immediately consult a doctor. When taking the contents of a whole bottle (100 ml), 16 g of ethanol is ingested.

  • Brand name: Sinupret
  • Active ingredient: Gentian cor., Primrose tr., Sorrel tr., Elder flower, Verbena tr.
  • Dosage form: Drops for oral administration
  • Manufacturer: Bionorica CE
  • Country of Origin: Germany

Studies and clinical trials of Sinupret (Click to expand)

  1. The bioflavonoid compound, sinupret, stimulates transepithelial chloride transport in vitro and in vivo
  2. Surveillance study of Sinupret in comparison with data of the Mainz birth registry
  3. The novel Sinupret® dry extract exhibits anti-inflammatory effectiveness in vivo
  4. Antiviral activity in vitro of two preparations of the herbal medicinal product Sinupret® against viruses causing respiratory infections
  5. Placebo-controlled, randomized double-blind clinical trial with Sinupret® sugar coated tablets on the basis of a therapy with antibiotics and decongestant nasal drops in acute sinusitis
  6. Enhanced resistance to Sendai virus infection in DBA/2J mice with a botanical drug combination (Sinupret®)
  7. Anti-microbial potential of medical plant extracts (Sinupret®) regarding sinusitis
  8. Preclinical development and animal trials in herbal treatment—Examples from Sinupret®
  9. Antiviral activity of a composition of Gentiana lutea L., Primula veris L., Sambucus nigra L., Rumex spec. and Verbena officinalis L. (Sinupret®) against viruses causing respiratory infections
  10. Systematic Review of Clinical Data with BNO-101 (Sinupret?) in the Treatment of Sinusitis
  11. Rekomendacja dla leku Sinupret jako preparatu uzupełniającego konwencjonalne leczenie farmakologiczne ostrego i przewlekłego zapalenia błony śluzowej nosa i zatok przynosowych (rhinosinusitis)
  12. A Prospective Open-Label Study to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of a Herbal Medicinal Product (Sinupret) in Patients with Acute Rhinosinusitis
  13. Sinupret® oral drops protect against respiratory epithelium atrophy in experimental acute rhinitis
  14. Sinupret® as add-on therapy to saline irrigation for children with acute Post-Viral Rhinosinusitis
  15. B�chi Award Article. Quantitative Fourier transform near infrared reflectance spectroscopy compared to high performance liquid chromatography of a flavone in Flos Primulae veris extracts (Sinupret)
  16. Sinupret® extract: Rhinosinusitis heilt schneller aus
  17. Sinupret® extract: Rhinosinusitis heilt schneller aus
  18. Sinupret® extract - Rhinosinusitis heilt schneller aus

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