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  • Buy Noben capsules 30 mg, 30 pcs


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Clinical Pharmacology

NOBEN improves metabolic processes in the brain by activating the synthesis of glucose and ATP, improving blood supply and oxygenation of brain tissues, and promotes the elimination of lactates. Being an antioxidant, it slows down lipid peroxidation and thus protects the membranes of neurons and mitochondria from damage.

It has nootropic properties with a psychostimulant effect and a neuroprotective effect. From the first days of taking the drug manifested antiasthenic, psychostimulating and antidepressant effects. Nootropic and mnemotropic effects are observed after 20-25 days of treatment.


Rapidly absorbed in the digestive tract, the peak concentration in the blood is reached after 4 hours. T1/2 is about 18 hours. Easily penetrates the BBB in significant quantities and is distributed in the brain tissue. There is no cumulation, even with prolonged use. Metabolized in the liver, excreted in the urine and fecal masses.


Various manifestations of cerebrovascular insufficiency (psychoorganic syndrome) caused by cerebral circulation disorders and age-related involutional changes in the brain; cerebroasthenic disorders of vascular, traumatic, psychogenic (neurasthenia) and combined etiology, manifested in the form of: impaired memory and / or attention, reduced intellectual productivity and general activity, emotional instability, asthenic, asteno-depressive and moderately depressed states, headache, dizziness, noise in the ears.


Active ingredient: 30 mg idebenone

excipients: lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, potato starch, low molecular weight povidone, magnesium stearate.

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Dosage and Administration

Inside 1 capsule (30 mg) 2 - 3 times a day after meals, the last dose - until 17h. The duration of the course of therapy is 1.5 - 2 months, depending on the severity of the symptoms, 2 - 3 courses per year are conducted.

Adverse reactions

Allergic reactions, sleep disturbance, mental agitation, headache, dyspepsia.

Individual intolerance to Noben, severe renal failure. With caution - pregnancy and lactation.

Special instructions

Influence on ability to drive a car or other mechanisms. It is impossible to accept during work for drivers of transport and for persons whose profession requires a quick mental and motor response, since study of the effect of the drug on persons driving a car or performing work requiring psychomotor speed of reactions was not conducted.


Symptoms: increased severity of side effects.

Treatment: gastric lavage, reception of Activated charcoal, symptomatic therapy.

  • Brand name: Noben
  • Active ingredient: Idebenone
  • Dosage form: Capsules
  • Manufacturer: Binnopharm
  • Country of Origin: Russia

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